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“To my shock I discovered Alan loved big women and thought my breasts were magnificent,” she said. He boosted my confidence continually told me I was beautiful and accepted me and my kids.” After dating for five years the pair got married and Allen encouraged Annie to start making the most of her super-size breasts.

“He encouraged me to send in some pictures to a specialist magazine a year after we met and I was inundated with requests,” she said.

The problem with this approach is that people either lack self-awareness or tend to not to be very honest in their answers.

This doesn’t just apply to the question of race but about other characteristics as well.

When they do, maybe even I will think about giving them a try. Mate Preferences and Matching Outcomes in Online Dating” by G.

, having big boobs is unfortunately not without its struggles.

Economists love online dating websites, not to find the love of their lives (although they might be doing that) but because they provide an opportunity to observe a fascinating market in action: the market for marriage.

From this market we can determine what individual preferences are for a mate, and this can be extremely useful in economic analysis.

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The 57-year-old fetish model from Atlanta, Georgia has held the Guinness World Record for her eye-poppingly voluptuous cleavage since 1999.This says that despite the impression that on the marriage market women really care about income, the evidence suggest that they also care about looks. I know what you are thinking: that there is more to finding a partner than looks and income.True, true, but dating websites don’t let you filter your searches by the way he tilts his head when he laughs or her affection for slap-stick humor. “It was a magazine that featured white women and I was featured, breaking, I guess, another record.” Annie’s career blossomed from there - she set up a website and charged men to admire her boobs.