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"Everybody goes around in circles about the subjects of rights, minority groups and human relations," says Williams, who has the feeling that if anyone can tangibly help solve some of these problems, it will be industry.

With this in mind, part of Williams' job is to encourage NAL and AEC people to give advance notice of their needs for construction so that he and his staff can search for qualified small businesses and industries that may have been part of the big picture of discrimination in any way and offer them a chance to participate in this project.

Some thought has been given to using a portion of the land for a model farm.

The former Village of Weston may sometime be used as a residential area for Laboratory visitors -- a neighborhood-type complex consisting of individual homes surrounding a beautiful lake with groves of trees and other landscaping to complement the village (honestly, no attempt is being made to duplicate the original "Big Woods.") A nursery, to build up and maintain the overall landscaping, will be a long-term, perpetuating program to insure that the area will be maintained in a natural, park-like atmosphere.

He has managed to take over a job that deals with the controversial topic of the times-human relations with a simple kind of philosophy and dedication that could really shake up the present exponents of "protest and demonstration" techniques.

The National Accelerator Laboratory (NAL) is where the atomic accelerator will be built.

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The possibilities of projection into the future are limitless for anyone interested in "playing the game." Two Goals for NAL Although the NAL goal is to create a hew center of technical and scientific excellence, an equally important goal is to preserve and perpetuate as much as possible of the area's natural resources.

"When we find these people we request bids for their work, and, if in some cases they don't receive contracts, due to high bidding, which is natural in the case of many small contractors, we go over their contracts to help them understand details in, good prices in the submission of bids.

We continue to request and encourage them to bid competitively on NAL contracts.

Members of these minority companies discuss potential contracts with our engineering staff while they are here and have been briefed on submission of bids with our purchasing administrative section.

''We have to open some doors for the people who have been victims of discrimination in many forms.Much has been written about the heritage of the Laboratory site.The local libraries, historical museums and societies contain material dating back to the early 1800's -- the Potawatomi Indians who first settled hear the "Big Woods," the early white settlers, information oh the nearby towns and farmlands inhabited by former and present residents.The title of the man at the desk reads "Equal Opportunity and Community Relations officer for the National Accelerator Laboratory." Kennard R.

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