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23-Aug-2017 05:13

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​They've already helped dozens of teens with this new outreach.

In the digital age, new social platforms, apps and ways to communicate are becoming accessible to the younger generation, and it’s not always easy for parents to keep track of what their kids are doing online. Is it too much to ask your teen to show you their accounts and passwords? Brenda Hernandez, Child and Adolescent Psychologist at North Shore, realizes this struggle for many parents, and is offering some key advice during an online chat.

I'm concerned about the amount of time my teen daughter is on her phone, not the content.

What concerns can we bring up with teens about the their time on i Phones that won't elicit eye-rolling from them?

Also there should be designated "screen free" time, such as the dinner table, while driving, etc.

Social media can become a source of stress and even cause a phenomenon called "facebook depression". It is important for you to teach your child resiliency skills such as problem solving and enhance their self-esteem via other activities to ensure they have the skills to cope with social problems in person.

Having open communication about healthy sexuality, violence, etc is imporant and this may be the perfect opportunity to start a discussion. Also, social media is a perfect way to begin many conversations about, healthy frienships, empathy, kindness, responsibility, relationships, resilience, etc.

It is very easy for certain boundaries to be blurred, particularly online.

That is why I don't recommend that teachers "friend" students.

My daughter is not yet 13 – I saw that she lied about her age to register an account on Instagram. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m spying or calling her a liar.

The fact of the matter is that she misrepresented herself and was dishonest.The reasons for wanting to "friend" a student may be acceptable (e.g, communication about school assignemnts, etc).But there are other platforms that are more appropriate for these purposes.I feel like Instagram is making my 16 year old so self-conscious. I have noticed it’s becoming more common for students to follow/friend their teachers – does this seem appropriate for teens?

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