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This was my first attempt at writing a story about a cheating wife and though some people liked the premises of the story , many more found the end unsatisfying.So I rewrote some of the story, the bulk of the which remains the same though I did correct a few errors.The way I found out was by accident, but isn't that the way most clueless husbands find out. My wife Jamie and I met our Junior year in college and dated up until we graduated. It seems my boss was also a Marine and he likes to hire former military types as we tend to be more disciplined in our work ethic.I did well in my job and start to make a name for myself.I added quite a bit to the ending and hope you enjoy it.Again any and all comments are welcomed, it's the only way I can become a better writer.It wasn't until a few years later that Jamie started to ask when I wouldn't have to travel so much.

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The 'If you were home more this wouldn't happen.' or 'We need you here and not gallivanting all over the country.' She did have a point, it just took me a while to realize it.I signed up as fast as I could and contact her immediately.It wasn't until a week later she responded asking where the hell had I been and why I hadn't called or at least emailed her over the last five years.I should have seen at that time there was trouble brewing but I loved and trusted my wife completely so I was blind to the first hints of a problem.

The first clue was us fighting about trivial things when I got back home.

But she was coming up with some excuses as to why she didn't feel like it. It wasn't until early that evening that I was able to call Frank back. What is so important that you felt the need to call me while I'm away? Thanks Frank." I hung up and sat on the bed trying to think if this was real or some kind of sick joke.

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