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The task force met in conjunction with European Tyre Recycling Association Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on March 14, to discuss standards for PAHs in tires and other agenda items for the San Diego meeting.

D36 first met in Brussels in March 2017, with the stated purpose of creating industry standards for recovered carbon black produced by tire pyrolysis.

The full D36 meeting in San Diego will include subcommittees and consider all topics relevant to r CB, including silica, carbon dioxide measurements, zinc, sulfur and biofuels, according to ASTM.

© Scrap Tire News, June 2018 Back To Top The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (Cal Recycle) has awarded 0,364 in grants for civil engineering projects in four counties that will use recycled California waste tires in place of conventional construction materials.

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Thirty-five fields in all were sampled, five new (0-9 yrs.) and five old ( Back To Top ASTM Committee D36, Recovered Carbon Black (r CB) is holding a full committee meeting June 28 in San Diego, CA.

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"A lot has happened in terms of laboratory work and field work since our last meeting,” Dr.

"Rather than landfill these tires or create stockpiles that can lead to fires and other public health threats, California is making use of a recycled material that has proven to perform well for these types of projects." Tire-derived aggregate is a low-cost, lightweight, and fast-draining product highly suitable for use in numerous civil engineering applications as well as beneficial uses at landfills, Cal Recycle said.

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