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In fact, the first lines of the report return to the supposedly resolved issue of sex ads on Craigslist: "Prostitution ads are back on Craigslist.

If they ever left in the first place." As the report explains, shortly after the adult section was shuttered, AIM reviewed the classified site and found that "there were few if any blatant ads for prostitution." But now, AIM has found that "ads that appear to be for paid sex work are posted regularly" on Craigslist.

Many people have lived to regret the day they fell for the word “free”, met strangers and then their life changed for good, for the worst of course.

At least, those are the lucky ones to get out of the ordeal alive.

Keeping these ads from popping up online is like trying to keep frogs in a bucket.

Asked to comment on whether this latest research poses a challenge to the effort to shut down Backpage's adult section, Peter M.

Zollman, founding principal of AIM, said, "Ads for prostitution are in hundreds or thousands of places online, and anyone looking for them can find them.

Backpage and Craigslist are just two sites, and both have taken pretty aggressive steps to eliminate ads involving trafficking in children." The AIM report doesn't look specifically at the existence of trafficking ads, as opposed to general sex ads, but as anti-trafficking activists have told me, they see the two as inseparable.

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Looking for love, or even sex online can be really hard.

Granted, the numbers are much lower than they were before the site closed its "adult services" section -- and specific stats weren't available ahead of this writing -- but "some [ads] were as blatant as they were" before the closure, and a subset included terms like "barely legal" (which is often used to signal the opposite: underage girls).

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