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Dinner and a movie is a perfect date night for you and a local restaurant that knows you by first name puts you in your ultimate comfort zone. Your best matches are white or dark chocolate lovers.

Someone who prefers white chocolate will encourage you to enjoy life more and not take things too seriously.

You are known for speaking your mind, for your no nonsense honesty and ability to process information quickly and for taking calculated risks.

Ideal Date – You crave equal partners who can sustain a high energy pace.

You’re flirtatious, impulsive, generous, kind and nonjudgmental.

Ideal Date – Your ideal date includes a playful and challenging activity such as miniature golf, parasailing, snowboarding or even swings at the park.

If your favorite flavor is Dark Chocolate: Personality – You are the determined maverick.

READ MORE: Recipes For Valentine's Day Desserts This year, Baskin-Robbins, is also promoting the way ice cream brings people together.

Whereas, a partner who loves dark chocolate will help you take more calculated risks and be bold.

If your favorite flavor is White Chocolate: Personality – You’re a playful free spirit and tend to be the life of the party.

They often take seasonality and holidays into consideration during their creative process.

“Inspiration for ice cream flavors comes from so many different places, but actually tasting all of the ice cream flavors is what sparks most of our creative ideas. I'd say use it as an excuse to hang out with people.He loves being in the ice cream business because he gets to meet new people every day. Kang believes anything with chocolate or red velvet is going to be a hit for couples, and just about any flavor will comfort the single ladies or men.Or you can send them a "smile", with a link to your profile to let them know you are interested (free again).

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