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When I went to the loo, I wondered if he'd still be there when I got back. unlike the chap my friend Francesca met in the Red Lion, Cromer, who left her sitting at a table.She came to meet me for a drink afterwards and said she suddenly realised she'd been sitting there for about ten minutes... Or the one who arranged a date with my friend Jemima, and said after half an hour that he was afraid this meeting would only be a drink after all, not dinner as discussed, as he needed an early night. thank you, ladies, for these tales, I managed to work them into my novel Nobody's Fault! I just thought I'd give it a whirl, for something to take my mind off the mess that had suddenly become my life. Oh ~ no, no, of course, I haven't, either, I've just heard that some people have...)In that brief period between old fashioned Lonely Hearts columns and the popularity of etc, these 'friendship' columns were quite popular. A friend told me, "if they don't send a photograph straight away, they're ugly." The first one I met did send a photograph. From the side of his face from which the photo was taken. Because it makes you go 'hmmph' when someone writes a good post on a subject you've been toying with, doesn't it? I first dipped my toe in the waters of this murky pool in the mid nineties, after the break up of a long relationship.Jackie goes undercover as an escort when she and Danny track down a serial killer who is murdering prostitutes in hotel rooms.Meanwhile, Erin meets a potential suitor at an art gallery who shares her interests.He didn't say I was a disappointment in the flesh, of course, any more than I did to the ones I didn't fancy.

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After these experiences I went back to my normal method of choosing romantic partners, ie, happening upon men in pubs/at parties and discovering two weeks later that I'd got myself into yet another relationship with a man whose serious emotional baggage/alcoholism/general loser-dom had not been apparent on the first night. When next I decided to give this sort of thing a go, it was 2008 (I'd just got rid of another from the emotional baggage/alchoholism/loserdom crew) and everyone was doing it.

It was while playing in a band with Chris Barber that Donegan (renamed after his hero Lonnie Johnson) hit the headlines.