Losing interest in dating

23-Jun-2017 02:21

Nobody wants to feel like they are imposing upon someone else or getting rejected, but avoiding your partner will lead to long-term resentment — from both of you — if you don't figure out WTF is going on.You used to be able to compromise with your partner and back down from arguments that you knew weren't worth fighting.You feel withdrawn from your partner, and you don't have the impulse to be in constant communication with them anymore.Sometimes, you don't want to be in communication at all.I can tell you that this withdrawal might make your partner cling to you harder.The laws of attraction, unfortunately, work this way.It used to seem like you and your partner had a great shot at a future together, and you knew — with varying degrees of certainty — that it was a future you both wanted and could see yourself in. When you are losing interest in your partner, you are probably questioning whether you loved them at all. Were you tired of being single and just said “OK” to the first person who came along? There's nothing shameful about recognizing that the connection fizzled out. Sometimes, a relationship works for a while and then, you outgrow it.Now, however, it might seem like you have outgrown that future, and the relationship isn't heading in the direction you want. And from there, you wonder why you got into the relationship at all. You learn a lot from it, and someday, I guarantee you will be able to look back fondly and recognize that there were some good things there.

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There are reasons you lost interest, and both parties share responsibility.

The both of you probably used to fall asleep talking on the phone and exchanged messages throughout the day.

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