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09-Feb-2017 10:04

Dating is also diverse in Jamaica, so people go to the beach, they go to parties, they go to movies, very informal and casual; they hang out at home. I haven't had an awful dating experience because I usually have good skills of picking up energy when I meet someone and I'm also very into experiences. Everyone nowadays needs immediate satisfaction (I have to have it now). So due to this 'gimme now' culture I think more that dating in our culture is one for hooking up, though most of us may not even realise it. Dating in Ja can be a bit challenging as it is very possible that each of you will know someone who the other used to date which can make things a bit awkward. I would even venture to say that 90% of couples cheat at some point in their relationship.

The norms are general gender norms: Guy pays for it, picks up the girl, makes her laugh, woos her, puts on his best. So once I have food, something to do, music, a good vibe, I'm good. Name : Christopher Barrett Age: 44Relationship Status : Single Do people still date in Jamaica in 2017 or is it now just a hook-up culture? What has been your best and/or worst dating experience? However, I don't believe that infidelity is accepted by any party, male or female.

Note: women like to chase; they don't want a man to be caught easily. Like the song goes, “You must never let a woman know how much you love her or she will do things to hurt you.” Relationships rarely equal love between two people; one of them is chasing the other. Yes, people still date in Jamaica in 2017, but it is not as frequent.

It's not a cultural norm instilled in us through socialisation; however, with age, more importance is placed on dating as a way of finding a suitable partner.

I don't believe in hooking up, so perhaps I'm blind to the prevalence of that culture. *Male expresses interest in female**The two of them talk for a few weeks/months*All of a sudden, they're together. It's not common for persons to actually court the way our parents did. When you think about it, are people really dating or just rushing into partnerships after a few lukewarm conversations? Worst date: If you're late without updating me, I'm already turned off. What does each gender expect from the dating game in Jamaica?

But in any situation, finding out that the guy has another girl is always the worst dating experience!

Would you say infidelity is common and accepted in Jamaica?

I also think hooking up is more common in men's approach to dating. What has been your best and/or worst dating experience? Bad conversation (or barely any at all), no chemistry, if the man is just interested in yapping about himself, being arrogant, pretentious.. For the record, this is me describing one specific date. We have a culture of male promiscuity being seen as a sign of masculinity that should be praised and respected. I expect to be treated with respect and not be cheated on! I don't know what males expect/want, and apparently, neither do they.