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30-Mar-2017 13:12

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Patience can be a virtue of a better response, but waiting too long can mean the opposite as well: awkward silence.Talking to potential lovers in Ladykiller in a Bind is like communicating in real life; where the stakes are high, the banging is imminent, but mess up too bad, and it’s game over (both in the literal, or just plain unhappy sense). Do you have to constantly stay in touch with your significant other?The game has you navigate as Morgan, a budding witch, as she preps for a tough exam where studying with any of her witch pals brings her ever closer to defeating the Giant Spider of Blackwood.And maybe, just maybe, even mustering the courage to ask one out by the end.It’s a perfectly normal evening, and you have a quiet dinner planned with one of your friends. But don’t just take my word for it – sit down, clear about an hour from your schedule, and play it for yourself. Where constructing the perfect Tinder profile lives or dies by an adequately snarky bio, the perfect selfie, and, of course, proving yourself as a potential good date (or hook-up).After all, ensuring that you get that right swipe is a fleeting task, and can be failed in an instant.

But dating was a game even before Tinder stepped in.In our previous Digital Gems, Jaz highlighted a few of the best walking simulators within the subdued genre.And this week's edition couldn't be more different, honestly.Then Mystic Messenger might be the right game for you. Sometimes they do all this in the dead of night, like 3am (real time).

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South Korean developers Cheritz crafted a smartly-designed game that takes place only in the realm of a smartphone (which, fittingly, is playable on smartphones), as you navigate romancing miscellaneous suitors. Mystic Messenger is a game about forging a connection with a potential boyfriend (or even best friend) through digital communications that we use daily, whether it’s IMs or phone calls—something we’re all too familiar with. Developed during the Gameboy Jam 5 and Yuri Jam 2016 by developers Rose Abernathy (the project’s artist) and Celia (the game’s writer), Witchwood Academy is a dating sim in the style of a Gameboy game—itty bitty aspect ratio, olive palette, and all.

Whether you have date night plans tonight, or plans with a carton of ice cream, or are fine with ignoring the Hallmark-branded holiday entirely, these dating sims might provide you with a lovesick click or two. Or sweet, or caring, or even should warrant your cute protagonist’s attention.