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08-Apr-2017 20:49

It is not the intent of this dating policy to imply that a product will necessarily lose activity after the expiration date.

In fact, many of our enzymes will retain significant, if not full, activity for many months or even years after the expiration date.

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New England Biolabs now has a policy of assigning expiration dates to many of our enzymes and reagents.For the four pieces of coded information (cat #, lot #, assay date,, the details are as follows: NEB’s Quality Control team is at the heart of what sets NEB’s products apart from competitors’ – their outstanding purity and performance.The structure of the Quality Unit enables a two-tiered approach to evaluating and ensuring product quality.

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At the compliance level, NEB is guided by the ISO quality certifications that it has been awarded.NEB uses a barcoding system that allows enhanced tracking of product within NEB, increases the accuracy of our shipping operations and also provides expanded product information for each shipped item.The barcode (see image below) is based on Code 128 symbology, consists of a six-digit catalog number (eg., R0650S), an eight-digit lot number (eg., 10008628), a four-digit assay date (eg., 1803), and a four-digit expiration date (eg., 2003).These standards require a transparent and traceable process, from beginning to end.

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Kurt Lumsden, Director, eCDS Client Services at PAREXEL Informatics, discusses the use of interactive response technologies in investigational product expiry management.… continue reading »

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