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06-Mar-2017 18:45

Many developers don't mind living with bugs while they continue to pump out new features, figuring they will get back to them "later".

In the hopes of changing this situation, I'd like to talk about a hidden cost of leaving bugs in the code.

When you put off a bug fix, you are going to feel pressure to go with the (perceived) less risky solution later (the quick hack that fixes the bug but reduces code health).

And lets face it, most of us are not good with dealing with pressure.

Of course, there is the standard argument that the later a bug is fixed, the more expensive it is to fix.

I'm going to assume that everyone has heard that argument before, and more-or-less agrees with it.

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Organic Geochemical and Petrographic Signatures of Hydrocarbons in Igneous Systems, Andrew Giże, #30521 (2017).(This is similar to the stop-the-line mentality of lean development.) I found this interesting, because it goes against the Scrum practice of putting decisions about what the team should work on in the hands of the Product Owner.I also disagree with giving the Product Owner total control of what to work on, because I believe developers are in a better position to appreciate the real impact of bugs on the product, and it's best to put decisions in the hands of the people best able to understand the consequences.Future of Tunu Field Development: A Breakthrough of Gas Sand Identification Using Automated Seismic Assessment, Firman B.

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Brahmantio, Argo Wuryanto, Yudhistira Adji, Eros S.

I recently completed Certified Scrum Master training with Mishkin Berteig.