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Taylor at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards and the Broadway opening of “Fiddler on the Roof.” (People Magazine declared it an “adorable PDA parade.”)But she has been wary of labeling her sexuality, for fear of being “skewered” should she change her dating habits later on.“If my life choices had to be predicated based on what was expected of me from a community on either side, that’s going to make me feel really straitjacketed, and I don’t want to feel that,” she said. Taylor was working on her one-woman play, “Ann,” about the former Texas governor Ann Richards.

“What I can say absolutely is that I am in love, and that person happens to be Holland Taylor.”The women first met at a dinner party about a decade ago, when Ms. After that, they followed each other on Twitter and exchanged direct messages before finally deciding to go out for dinner.

They have now been together for a little more than a year. Paulson said she had never seriously dated anyone her own age.

“There’s a poignancy to being with someone older,” she observed.

I can’t say it any other way than there’s a poignancy to it, and a heightened sense of time and the value of time.”She has always gravitated toward her elders, she added, beginning in junior high school.

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They ate, ordered tequila and talked for so long that they closed the place down.“The whole thing had this date quality,” Ms. Paulson, she is recast as a chain-smoking feminist underdog, hounded by the news media unfairly fixated on her perceived shrewishness and (questionable) perm.“That’s the first thing people say when they hear ‘Marcia Clark,’” Ms. “They don’t even think ‘lawyer.’ They just think ‘hair.’” Next week’s episode, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,” covers Ms. “Every time that you go anywhere on the red carpet, now there are websites dedicated to picking you apart, like Tom and Lorenzo or whoever those guys are,” she said.

A teacher there told her about a high school where she could study acting, and she enrolled at the Fiorello H.

La Guardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in Manhattan.

A few months ago, the actress Sarah Paulson was at a restaurant in Los Angeles, waiting for a woman she had never met.

She had spent weeks obsessing over her dinner date, even wearing the same fragrance.“I remember her coming through the revolving door, and there was this dappled light coming through the windows, so I couldn’t quite see her face,” Ms. “But I had studied her physical mannerisms so much that I could tell by her walk and her hands, the way she was pushing.

She never kept her same-sex relationships secret, smooching Ms.

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