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Reviews If you have a deluxe reissue release, music box set or similar that you would like to be considered for coverage on the SDE music blog, then please send for the attention of Paul Sinclair to: Super Deluxe Edition PO Box 68477 London N16 1EN All submissions will be considered for coverage on Super Deluxe Edition, but please note sending something does not guarantee such coverage.We welcome promo CDs or streaming links for early listens, but require finished physical product for actual reviews.This happens when anybody puts their thoughts out there on any subject. Theologically, I find myself in the evangelical camp in many ways, but as for the “one way to do life and church” I’ve gone a different path. While I love the traditional church, I love it like a foundational part of my past, as though it were a University I’ve graduated from to join a much larger church those still in the University program are quite suspicious of.(More on church as school later) For many, though, the church is where people find spiritual security through communion with both God and a local tribe.Consultancy SDE Editor Paul Sinclair has worked on a number of archival music reissue projects for artists such as Tears For Fears, Paul Young, Sam Brown, It’s Immaterial, Thompson Twins and others.

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On that note, one caveat: I can only give camera angles on the issue because that’s how I think. So as you read thoughts that may seem foreign, please understand my intent is not to judge or pose threat.

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