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One of the most powerful distinc- tions that I revealed in that book was the fact that marketing is not an art—it is a science.

Of course there are artistic elements in some of the things that marketers do but marketing itself is not an art and it’s not mysterious. Y ou need to start with strategy and execute with discipline.

Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats. Use New Media for Brand Activation 125 PART III REINVENT YOUR BUSINESS NOT JUST COMMUNICATIONS 147 8. While conducting research for the book and developing content we had the pleasure of meet- ing and working with many marketers and hearing their stories— many of which became the foundations for case studies in this book: Lisa Gregg at American Express Tim Riesterer at Ventaso and David Perry at Aspen Skiing Company.

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The book builds on the principles and practices that I outlined in The End of Marketing as We Know It but it goes on to answer the difficult questions associated with implementing these principles and scien- tific practices within a business—revealing the implications for your business processes information technologies performance measures jobs skills organization and even culture.Companies and organizations alike are adopting a scientific disciplined approach to marketing.It’s either because they realize that they need to in order to grow their business or because they are forced to do so by their customers or consumers who are not buying as much of their products as they used to.Also thanks to our edi- tor at Wiley Airié Stuart for working with us to refine the manu- script and for keeping the project on track.

A special thanks to Jay Busbee for both his creativity and his patience in learning our business and Marie Pechet and Jonathan Baskin for working closely with us to refine our ideas and content.xii FOREWORDINTRODUCTION: ENTERPRISE MARKETING MANAGEMENT T housands of books have been written to try to explain how to go about the business of marketing.Most of them describe in a very basic way how to use tools like advertising or pro- motions or trade shows to drive your business. What has been left out of the dialogue is that most marketers have been off on their own island for years while the rest of the company and the economy has been transformed by the informa- tion revolution.Neither the publisher nor author shall be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages including but not limited to special incidental consequential or other damages.