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20-Jun-2017 06:12

This would update the values using the supported Dynamics CRM API, so I wasn’t writing directly to the SQL tables. I ran a few tests by limiting the number of records returned by my Fetch XML statement.

Once I confirmed that everything was working, I started the job and approximately 2 days later all the suspended system jobs were cancelled.

I ran the script as per Microsoft KB and after a few hours all the records were deleted.

I then shrunk the CRM database using the BDCC Shrink Database command in SQL and was down to a (somewhat) more reasonable 30GB.

Upon further investigation, due to some specialized integrations that were no longer running optimally, the majority of the system jobs were in a “pending” state.

These would not get deleted by the Microsoft script nor would they ever change status.

Some of you may remember the “Stunnware Tools” for querying CRM data and generating Fetch XML and C# code.

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This is not completely uncommon especially for Dynamics CRM 3.0 and 4.0 deployments where there is no bulk delete mechanism in the user interface.

I downloaded and installed the Kingswaysoft SSIS Integration Toolkit.

For my purposes, the free developer edition suited my needs, but I would recommend getting the full version for other integration projects.

Years ago I used SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to integrate a series of other systems to feed data to CRM.

I had written VB code that would call the CRM web services to update or insert data in CRM and read the data from the various systems using ODBC.I have since found that much of the remaining size is due to attachments and addressing that separately and now have the size down to about 6GB.If you need to do any kind of mass updating on CRM records using a method that using supported API calls, then one of the options you should consider is SQL Server Integrations services and the Kingswaysoft SSIS Integration toolkit.The next step was to set the Statecode and Statuscode values for each System Job record and set them 32 and 3 (Cancelled and Completed).

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