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Occupy Olympia is willing to host the Movement in this critical time when a face-to-face meeting can make a real difference.Olympia, WA has the advantages of a temperate winter climate, proximity to the Seattle-Tacoma airport, use of Evergreen College for indoor meeting space, and over 100 local Occupiers willing to help with logistics.

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Irons and Catherine Harris-White, has a way with playful rhymes.

Through a series of technology-based case studies and video work, attendees will explore innovative techniques used to reverse engineer and manipulate the mainstream media as a means to question the status quo of the information exchange.

This workshop can be seen as guide to the creative forms of activism used as a response to the continued consolidation of mass media and the marginalizing effect this has had on alternative perspectives.

Faithful Action in Transforming Homelessness and Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness invite you to go Beyond the One Night Count with Advocacy 101 on Go Beyond the One Night Count and take action to urge our elected officials to make ending homelessness a priority in Washington State.

This is a great location and an opportunity for women to express their support of women and men who are determined to rid the injustices of the world nonviolently and through diplomatic means, Men are invited to stand with us.

The documentary features Maude Barlow, who is considered an "international water-warrior" for her crusade to have water declared a human right.every Justice Works! orientation, organizer training, letters to the editor, connections with incarcerated people, updates on our projects, programs, campaigns, direct action planning; astronomy.