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Lee owes his career to JAmes Callieri, (also bald and shorter) the casting director, who was his boyfriend..it? Callieri cast him to play naked in a play and then Callieri's gay casting director friends cast him in their plays. He got fired a few times (Williamstown, Doug Hughes) because he has a very very narrow range. a homophobic cunt like yourself wouldn't understand.

He is known for caring more about his hair than understanding what the play is about. Then again, there's always the possibility that he's bi.. R130 Yes poor fan girls there they are hoping he is straight with little proof that he had a gf and here you are hoping he is gay with no proof at all. The onewho waste time on a gossip forum and other sites - ONTD or tumblr, I presume - it's you , obsessed, pathetic fangurl. You feed off of the attention you get for being a stupid troll. You can just IGNORE me and this thread if you don't like my honest view. I think Lee Pace is actually one of the likeliest celebs to be gay.

And let's face it: Datalounge is an anonymous underground gossip board with a lots of bickering pointless bitchery misfits posting Yet bitter folks here felt harmed by IMDB. Lee is gay and from the glass closet he's back into the closet.

Whatever the fangirls choose to believe, just let them be... Like I said, I do believe that he's gay, but I doubt he's gonna come out any time soon, despite what many here on DL would like to believe. That's why I believe that the rumours of him and Richard Armitage might be true.

A bit Gyllenhaal-y, I couldn't place who it reminded me of. R211 Last year she was like "Look people, he's gay! How many deranged people at one place, that's just amazing. R217, if you're so sick of this discussion, why are you here?

"He pings" and gay didn't come to my mind either, so good job there. This nayla is a fake fan, she keeps posting pictures of Carter Smith more than Lee, then keep insisting that he's straight. I love him..the orange Williamsburg standard issue hat is pathetic..the gym? I see those guys at NYSC in August pumping it up ....sweating...refusing to take off the uniform... " and endlessly posting pics of Lee with Smith, and articles about Smith alone on Lee Pace fanpage... None of you knows the real truth about Lee's sexuality, aren't you getting tired of thinking, posting and discussing about it? There's a million other straight gossip websites you can go to if you find this discussion so offensive.

This is my Kate." Not real life, unless you're one of those Twitards that don't know the difference between the movies and real life. If you think Julia`s story is really great..., five weaks-ago my cousin basically brought home 42 workin a 20 hour week from there apartment and the're classmate's step-sister`s neighbour did this for eight months and errned more than 42 parttime from a pc. It means, dear fangurl Ruth R82 R83, that Lee won't attend public events with Armitage - as he did when he was with Carter Smith - with the exception of The Hobbit movies, where he'll be able to muddy the waters, since both have to promote the films.[R86]Firstly, just because they fuck doesn't mean they need to be seen as "lovers" NPH style at any premieres/red carpet.

Same with the Richard Armitage gossip, though there was some talking outside this forum but i believe that it came from the very same "mouth", it was so obvious. He's always been in a glass closet AFAIKIt does look like it to me too, sort of openly gay (doesn't beard/no woman involved) at the same time keeps his lovelife private at best.

He may never be an A-list leading man, but he'll have a much wider, richer variety of roles because of it. Why did he feel the need to introduce his girlfriend to the screaming fans? Has anyone heard anything from a slightly more reliable source? Secondly, regarding the recent Hobbit NY premiere RA is one the main characters in the first movie, Pace's was only an introduction, so go figure why they were at separate group. Yeah, the rumors about him and Armitage have been repeated several times, but only on the Datalounge. But I'm guessing he'll have more to do in the subsequent "Hobbit" sequels because IIRC he didn't even have a line in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey". He and Carter Smith attended the events not as couples.Lee is one of those who can look like several different people. THEN suddenly she became rabid fangurl "HE'S NOT GAY! Just remember that you're on a gay website now, and you can't tell people what they can or can't discuss, and nobody is forcing you to stay.

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You really need help fangurl nayla emanuela, because obviously it's you the person who can't accept the fact that Lee Pace is gay and keeps on posting that Lee is bi. People will still continue to discuss him, because guess what..

Really, what's the big threat about underground gossip?

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