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Funerals on Guam are known to be far more expensive than even weddings, with money going to the priest, the church, and to feed family and friends for eight days.

Chamorros also commemorate the loved one on the anniversary of their death and that’s called a rosary as well.

Long-standing legal battles are on-going in Guam courts.

Government leases of land that belongs to the increasing numbers of heirs of long-dead Chamorros may now be worth millions.

That being said, the Chamorro view of money is different than the mainland view.

Because of strong family ties, there isn’t much of a separation of finances among family members — even adult children who have left their parents’ home.

Favors and reciprocity are as good as currency in some settings.

is a local term for a person that is connected in such a way that they deserve preferential treatment.

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Multi-family homes are common, as are multi-home lots.

Chamorro people are generally open-minded when it comes to non-Chamorros marrying into the family.