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04-May-2017 02:20

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Beautiful scent that is a work of art,unusual but in the best possible way Similar to Td H???? UJSLN is the epitome of transparency, just like a cool breeze carrying smells of freshly cut grass and delicate flowers that grow near the water. Somehow I expect my fragrances to make a statement and enhance my personality; and with Hermes it just never happens.

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Among vegetable garden scents, it's so well crafted it might be without rival. I do get a bit of a fresh cucumber/green smell but it is so light I have to bury my nose in and almost hurt myself from sniffing so hard.

A rose smells beautiful but a woman should not smell like one. It's a great perfume for easter but it doesn't have that mysterious edge making it a good signature Update: I finally bought Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. :-) I tried this fragrance about two months ago in 85 degree temperatures.