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I don’t know how this all works – whether I am a strange example, whether distorted cultural messages about the female body mean even I don’t see breasts in the “right” way.What I do know is that our current way of handling the “breast debate” seems to suggest women, and mothers in particular, are too busy handling male sexual responses to have any responses of their own. The price of being able to show one’s breasts in public should not be desexualisation.We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.We do not own, produce or host the videos displayed on this website.Anyhow, I hope these guardians of public hygiene and moral propriety aren’t too traumatised.After all, if you can’t handle the sight of some breast, this isn’t the society for you.If it’s not breastfeeding in public, it’s Page Three, if it’s not Page Three, it’s the Convoy of Cleavage. And the more we talk about them, the less real your own can start to feel.To be fair to the hosts of this particular breast debate, even they admitted “seems our debate isn’t such a ‘debate’ after all”.

What is it with young mothers and the need to expose their stretch marked boobs when breastfeeding their 5-year-olds? I suppose with the last one we can at least credit the tweeter with knowing what breastfeeding’s for (the clue’s in the “feeding” bit).

So perhaps, to a certain extent, our presence in the middle of a crowded cafe, reddened areola on show, will continue to provoke a strange mix of responses.

We can, however, move beyond either sanitised idealisation or objectifying hostility.

Most contributors were hugely in favour of having the freedom to breastfeed wherever they needed to and wanted employers to be more supportive of women who continue breastfeeding after having returned to work. Of course, this is very much a self-selecting group.

Usually Twitter isn’t such a welcoming place for breastfeeding mothers, there being a coterie of tweeters eager to share their horror at having spotted a nursing mother out in broad daylight. #awkward A woman on my Facebook posted a picture of her breast feeding her kid.

Sexy breasts are for the men, tucked away with the news and sport.