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14-Aug-2017 07:45

So if you followed along and understand what I just wrote, you will see that you now have 6 blog posts.

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You are simply giving a brief description and providing them with a link to where they can learn more.

What I did was type “Best Baby Bottles” into Google.

Now obviously there is going to be a ton of people searching “Best Baby Bottles” but I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. I mean you might someday…but only after years of work. But if you type that in and scroll to the bottom of the page you will see “Related Searches.” And that’s where I found “baby bottles for breastfed babies.” Now there’s something you have a shot at ranking for. If you give crappy advice and don’t put the time in you can forget about ever getting anyone to follow you link and buy and you can forget about search engines giving you love and you can forget about moms telling their mom friends about your blog. I don’t teach the “more is better” approach to successful blogging.

These are going to be your “Subtle Sales Copy” that gets people to go to Amazon and take action.

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Research “how to write Amazon product reviews that sell.” There’s an art to it.Then you will create a full review of each of the 5 products as individual posts.This is where you are going to link to from the “Top 5” post written previously.I was fortunate to attend two master classes on social media in the past month.