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14-Apr-2017 18:03

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After all, that’s one of the first things a lady will see.

Where to start …First off, if you don’t speak or write according to the conventions of Standard English, find someone who does and have them write your profile.Regardless of your certification (or lack thereof), if you choose to use Millionaire Match, remember that you’re representing yourself as a wealthy man, and most women on the site will have expectations about the thickness of your wallet. However, despite the superficial jewel hunters on Millionaire Match, there are some good girls on the site who just want to find an emotionally available, mentally normal, and financially stable partner. You just have to know who you’re targeting and optimize your profile accordingly.The main thing to remember about Millionaire Match is that if you set expectations, be prepared to live up to them. For instance, if you tell a woman that you’ll pick her up in your private jet and instead arrive in your busted 1999 Honda, don’t expect things to go your way. I have a 34 DD natural boob, so I can’t pull off a lot of her stuff. We all notice when Kris [Jenner] is trying to dress like her kids.

When it comes to your hair, there aren’t any rules. Some men like curly hair, some men like straight hair. The real catches on the site do their best to avoid sleaze, so keep your profile clean and leave the sexual innuendo for the actual date.If you truly want to attract a quality girl rather than a “pro” or “semi-pro” who’s just looking to extract as much money from your wallet as possible, make it clear that you’re looking for mutual respect. Instead, he paints different pictures that make it clear that he’s interested in lots of different things, has had plenty of adventures, and would probably make an awesome date. To Review: Setting up an online dating profile can be tricky business – especially if you’re keeping expectations high and using an online dating website like Millionaire Match.Submitting a copy of your tax return, bank statements, and other financial documents to a dating website can be a hassle …