Ms dhcp not updating dns

09-May-2017 11:48

I started by creating a non-privileged user account set with a strong password, password does not expire and user cannot change password.

To configure DHCP: After configuring the explicit credentials, I issued an ipconfig /renew to my own workstation. This has a secondary benefit in that a failover DHCP server will have access to update records that were initially created by the primary DHCP server for the scope.

I am on build 10061, but had this issue on the previous build as well.

I've got a DHCP server that's configured to "Always dynamically update DNS records". The client sends an Option 81 with its FQDN and all flags at 0.

To configure WINS-R, follow the same steps but right-click and choose Properties on the reverse lookup zone (Figure E).

You now know how to properly configure DDNS to dynamically update your DNS records and how dynamic updates will save you from maintaining static mappings.

Choose the WINS tab and enter the IP address of your WINS server.

I believe I have resolved the problem, today, by configuring the DHCP server to use explicit credentials when performing DDNS updates.