Nairobi dating clubs

27-Mar-2017 06:53

The Simba Saloon has a reputation of hosting some of Africa's best musicians in the p ... Gipsy Bar features an audience of mixed crowd of expats and Kenyans.

Zanze bar is a nightclub located in the Kenya Cinema Plaza, Zanze bar is famous among the local couples and the middle class Kenyans. Gipsy's is probably the most popular and well known bar for expats and locals in Nairobi.

The best night clubs in Nairobi are listed here below.

Florida 2000 Discotheque, also well-known as 'F2', is located on Moi Avenue and is Nairobi’s most popular disco.

It's completely understandable that things may come up at the last minute, so please update your RSVP. Also, you must attend at least 1 event every 3 months to remain in the group.******This is NOT a DATING Club'' Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! I thought I was the only one''I look forward meeting all the fabulous ladies that join.

Live Music and other entertainments often happens at weekends and sometimes during the week.

Our growing circle of friends comes from a variety of backgrounds.

Among us, we have everyone from corporate executives to “fresh out of college” professionals; Stay at home moms, & entrepreneurs but we all look for one thing -- meaningful friendships we get older and take on new roles such as wife, mother, professional, it becomes increasingly more difficult to make new girlfriends.

It is in the same compound/next door to the Italian Restaurant, Osteria Del Chianti.

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Casablanca attracts travelers, expats and locals alike ...Music from the tons of clubs all around seems to get louder as the weekend approaches, and there is no shortage of drinks and snacks to munch on as you rave.Nairobi bars and clubs invest heavily on decor, furnishings and sound systems in a bid to beat the competition and keep their customers loyal.Clubarn is located inside Ngong Race course and is a very popular place among the local residents.

Nairobi has a lot of dating options and many opportunities to meet women in various places. Kenyan Men As with the women, there is a mixed range of Kenyan men. Many of the younger youth are into hip hop lifestyles and music. Other men are very clean cut and willing to date foreign females.… continue reading »

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