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25-Jun-2017 00:01

I saw a baby elephant on a table and immediately reached out to pet it. — try to take a selfie before realizing the AR wouldn't be there for the camera!

) Apple is all-in on ARKit from Tim Cook on down, and it shows. Animoji has always been meant as a tech demo to show off what ARKit's face detection was capable of in a fun and engaging way.

If you're charging interstitially at your desk it might give you a bit of a faster boost. There's one that's all reds and oranges, another that's all blues and greens, and a third that swirls together almost all the colors. There's also a new Sports section in, including a Sports tab and sports-related notifications.

They're a nice addition and contrast to the cleaner gaussian blurs and nature-themed clouds that were already included. Control Center on i Phone X now displays a transparent indicator on Lock screen... I get that Apple has help people with the new Control Center location but I hope they find a better way of doing it.

Where ARKit was previously limited to understanding horizontal surfaces, Apple is now providing the ability to map and make use of vertical and irregular surfaces as well.

It'll also all looks better thanks to higher resolution support and auto-focus.

After spending some time with it and some new ARKit apps, the differences are subtle but profound.

Peering into a painting and walking around it in a way that would get you banned from a real gallery are all acceptable — and enjoyable! It's also getting to the point where I'm starting to forget what's AR and what's IRL.

it'll also only stay disabled unless and until you suffer another unexpected shutdown due to a power spike your battery can't handle. You can disable it again, but it will be re-enabled every time you experience that kind of shutdown.

All processors have always been throttled to protect against heat, for example.

That kind of performance management can't be disabled — it would literally allow your i Phone to fry.

It provides information on current maximum capacity and peak performance capability, and will also inform you if your i Phone is being slowed down, whether it needs service, and will even allow you to turn off advanced power management — now called performance management — if you so choose.

If your i Phone SE, i Phone 6, i Phone 6s, or i Phone 7 had been slowed down due to prevent an unexpected shutdown, i OS 11.3 will restore it to its previous, unmanaged performance levels.

I haven't had a chance to test this yet, so again I'll quote from Apple: The new Health Records feature brings together hospitals, clinics and the existing Health app to make it easy for consumers to see their available medical data from multiple providers, whenever they choose.