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I realize now how often I take my eyesight for granted.According to a 2010 data collection, it's estimated that 39 million people worldwide are blind and 246 million have low vision.

When you are apart, everything seems dull and gray because they are not there.

These are just a few of the things I celebrated recently. Speed dating events provide a great opportunity to meet local singles that you may not necessarily have had the opportunity to meet under normal circumstances.

Applying a new approach to your dating life is sometimes all you need to break dating ruts and open yourself up to great new prospective partners.

So, follow me on this journey..see how this goes, hopfully in 3-6months (by december 2018) i should know who my mr.right is......please do offer me as much advise as possible on this me...i will need all the help i can get......... If you’re a clown, taxidermist, sex shop owner, or funeral director, sorry—people think you’re creepy.

so i have a question for you - where are you on your love journey? (Worth noting: People think clowns are the creepiest of them all.)There are also some behaviors and nonverbal cues that make someone come across as a creeper: But WAIT: The last question people had to answer in the survey was the best: “Do most creepy people know that they are creepy?

Should one or both continually refer back to past misdemeanors, it creates a poisonous atmosphere. You have to realize what effect your words and behavior are having.