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18-Apr-2017 07:08

Cross-tapering strategies should be considered as a means of reducing the risk of rebound and withdrawal symptoms.

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This manuscript provides practical recommendations for switching antipsychotic medication to ensure optimal management of patients with schizophrenia, with a particular focus on paliperidone extended release (ER).Following a first episode, only 10%–15% of patients with schizophrenia are free from further episodes, with many patients displaying exacerbations and experiencing clinical deterioration [].The chronic nature of the disease means that most patients are likely to receive antipsychotic treatment for the remainder of their lives.This study also reported a number of patient-related factors that may affect these dosing recommendations [].

Nevertheless, consensus strategies for switching between different antipsychotic treatments are lacking.Recently diagnosed patients, those with renal impairment, or patients who have previously experienced tolerability issues with other antipsychotics may require lower doses.When switching from risperidone, higher doses of paliperidone ER may be required compared with risperidone.Discontinuation and frequent switching of antipsychotic medication are common in the treatment of patients with schizophrenia.