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It is also more forgiving of missing the target refraction.The Xtra Focus Pinhole implant (Morcher) designed by Trinidade et al.Therefore, it may be implanted in the dominant eye first followed by a micromonovision strategy with EDOF IOL or a multifocal in the non-dominant eye.EDOFs like the Tecnis Symfony IOL (AMO) use a biconvex design, anterior aspheric surface, posterior achromatic diffractive surface with an echelette design to give better intermediate vision with less haloes and light scatter.Bibliographic research was performed in Pub Med/Medline database, and the most recently updated papers were evaluated.Keywords used were: premium intraocular lens, multifocal intraocular lens, toric intraocular lens, toric multifocal intraocular lens, accommodative intraocular lens, and the respective brand names.It has a non-diffractive 3.23mm diameter opaque PVDF mask with 1.36mm central aperture.Results show good distance, intermediate and near vision (especially when targeting -0.75 D myopia) and improvement of up to -1.5D of astigmatism.

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In my experience, EDOF IOLs have generally given good uncorrected distance and intermediate vision: however, near vision from standard multifocals may be better.The Mplus, Mplus X (Oculentis) and SBL-3 (Lenstec) are rotationally asymmetric segmented bifocal IOLs with sector-shaped near vision segment giving two focus zones for better depth of focus.AT Lisa (Zeiss), Fine Vision (Phys IOL), Pan Optix (Alcon), Alsafit (Alsanza) and Acriva Reviol (VSY Biotech) are available trifocals and most have toric versions.For myopes and less risk-taking patients I prefer classical mini-monovision of 1.25D or EDOF IOLs with micro-monovision of 0.5D,” said Oliver Findl MD, of the Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery. These are especially effective in post LASIK, post RK eyes and in irregular corneal astigmatism.

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