Nurse dating former patient

22-Aug-2017 02:41

Ask yourself whether any of your actions are more about your own needs than those of your my patient?Signs that the relationship has moved beyond a proper therapeutic relationship include: Where strong feelings develop between a nurse and a patient it is always the nurse’s responsibility to establish appropriate boundaries to stop the relationship from moving beyond a therapeutic one.It might be unkind to the patient for you to just disappear off the scene.Depending on the situation you can offer an explanation such as “I like you too much to maintain a proper professional relationship and have asked rather be assigned to other patients.” If the patient asks whether he or she will still see you, you can reply with “Not while you are in the hospital.

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Five days ago, I was assigned as the primary care nurse for a patient—let’s call him Dan—who’s recovering from injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident.

After having analyzed the situation carefully, you may decide that you can continue caring for the patient but to discontinue the behaviors you have identified as possibly moving beyond what is appropriate in a therapeutic relationship.

The situation can be discussed with the patient, explaining that while you are nursing him or her, you have to maintain a purely professional relationship.

While caring for our patients, we must at all times remain within the boundaries of a professional, therapeutic relationship. The nurse is in a position of power while the patient is in a dependent, vulnerable position.

The nurse also has a lot of sensitive personal information about the patient while, in contrast, the patient knows very little about the nurse as a person.Where the patient is in the hospital only for a short stay this course of action may be simpler than in a long-term care facility.If there is a strong romantic attraction between a nurse and a patient it will probably be too difficult to return to a purely professional relationship.You find yourself strongly attracted to a patient and, especially if the attraction seems to be mutual, you could be heading for a problem.

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