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Maternal Fetal Medicine fellows receive clinical instruction in high-risk pregnancy management through a series of activities designed to allow them progressively greater and greater responsibility, while at the same time carefully ensuring close faculty supervision.

The 12-month core MFM clinical experience is achieved by serving a four month block in each year of the Fellowship.

If the fellow's presence in-house is required overnight, the following day's schedule is adjusted to comply with the ACGME and ABOG duty hour requirements as outlined in Section 1, paragraph G,4 of the , ABOG 2010.

In addition to the above core clinical rotations and activities, the each fellow participates in a High-Risk Pregnancy Clinic for one half-day a week during each research or didactic month throughout the entire Fellowship.

This three-year experience allows the fellows continuity of patient care as they act as the first line for resident consultation and teaching.

MFM faculty, in accordance with ABOG, CREOG and CMS requirements, are always physically present or immediately available in these clinical settings for overall supervision and teaching of both the fellows and resident staff.

This allows fellows the opportunity to develop their skills as teachers and mentors to the residents during a highly stressful period in the academic year.

The fellowship training and resident training complement and enrich one another and do not compete with each other, complying with Sec I, para A, subparagraph 2 of the ABOG 2010.

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The fellows cover the "high-risk" call for MFM consults and maternal transports.

Should the fellow be required to come into the hospital, the fellow works in close consultation with the in-house attending and covering MFM attending.

The need for the presence of the MFM attending is determined jointly by the fellow, the in-house attending, and the MFM attending.

This is an at home "on the beeper" type of call during which the fellow acts as first point of telephone contact for both maternal transports and in-house consultation.

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This "high-risk" call is shared among the entire MFM faculty.In addition, the program director provides the fellows a reading list including the series, and the ABOG MOC articles relevant to maternal fetal physiology as well as other selected publications of current and historical interest.This reading list is revised annually, and is supplemented by division members at the Friday morning session, for matters of immediate clinical application.The faculty covering Labor & Delivery, both MFM and generalists, are physically present on Labor & Delivery or the Mother-Baby Unit, and have no other concurrent clinical or administrative responsibilities. for residents, fellows and attendings) and each evening ( p.m. All perinatal in-patient cases are presented and discussed in a round table format that involves students, residents, fellows, and faculty.