Outlook 2016 is not updating the mailbox folders automatically

10-Jul-2017 06:30

The migration provides the end user with a new machine (Windows 10 Anniversay) and Office2016 deployed via SCCM using click to run package.

During the initial cache backfill users are not receiving new email, instead they are having to manually request a Send / Receive folder update to receive email on the Exchange server.

When using Auto Archive, the default name of the pst-file that it creates is “Archive”.

Even though they all end up showing in your Folder List, when it comes to renaming them, they all are managed differently.

If you’re having trouble with Outlook 2016 not functioning properly – specifically a mailbox not loading, or a problem with search – then a quick and easy fix is to rebuild the Outlook Search Index. If you are running Outlook 2013, be sure to check out our article for that version here. Do note that while the index is being rebuilt searches probably won’t work, so just wait until the process completes.

The amount of time it takes to complete varies depending on the number of emails, file size, and processing power.

This wasn’t always the case for all account types in previous Outlook versions.

Step-by-step instructions for this can be found in the guide: Rename Email Accounts and Mailbox Folders.

Therefor, you can follow the instructions for the Exchange account as mentioned above.

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