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01-Jun-2017 22:10

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and Sandara is really close with Top and with Big Bang!so other Koreans like me usually say that Sandara should Date with top! Plus, I did stumble upon an article that stated the narrator was Yoo Yeon Seok. The saddest part of the story was the first time he changed and didn't recognize his own face but those that loved him didn't care and still stayed in his life. She has to keep convincing herself about what she feels inside not the way he looks. I'm certainly familiar with his voice and the way he talks. I completely recommend this movie to those who want to watch a movie about truly loving the person within despite how he looks on the outside.At the end when she visits him and wants to be together again, he comments, "You'll get sick again" and she responds, "I know." I didn't understand that aspect of the movie. I am so touched :"" I really thank everyone who works hard for this movie!!!

I love the story and the chemistry between Han Hyo-joo and everyone who played Woo-jin. Except that maybe the film lacks background soundtracks, the pacing can also be too slow for some people. I would like to know who the guitar piece was done by it was so beautiful.I didn't know Han Hyo Joo before watching this movie and to me she is clearly the best character of the story. I don't like the fact that it made a huge scar in my heart. I'm used to watch a movie or drama series that is same to each other. no wonder she got ill I was surprised how Han Hyo Joo was able to maintain such a beautiful chemistry with everyone who played Woo Jin. Being the fans of him myself making I can't help but also feel the desperation he must felt, forcing himself to be awake just to keep her beside him... Having to adjust to a new face and body everyday while accepting that it's the same person inside.The way she portrays that particular love and despair at the same time is just so moving. He knows who she is but she could never find him if he didn't reveal himself to her. Also the stress of explaining his condition to her family and friends. Hopefully if not then that's shady of Bommie for doing that to Ga Yeon. So can't wait for the next episode I love this tv show but i don't know is this a reality show, documentary, or drama?

There were mistakes in broadcasting systems. MERGE exists and is an alternate of. The one I use forever is BB Cream. You seem well after 12 hours of shooting and now.… continue reading »

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