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24-Aug-2017 09:48

Patti Stanger, the outspoken third-generation dating guru and star of Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker," helps the wealthy, yet romantically challenged, find love. With the fifth season of her show beginning Monday night, Stanger talked with The Look about what us regular girls should and shouldn't do when it comes to date-night style. Stanger is an American matchmaker and television personality, known for starring in the reality series .Stanger shared with me the top tips for women over 40 looking for love: -Get online. People feel more confident after working out, and can be more open to meeting someone. It can be easy to lose focus if you are dating different people, so try to date one person at a time and see if it works out.Regardless of whether you value relationship advice from single Patti Stanger, her business sense makes sense and we can learn a lot from her.She may epitomize the saying "those who can do; those who can't teach," but she grew her business in 10 years from a home office to a company employing more than 45 employees and now sells Millionaire's Club franchises (starting at 0,000) overseas.

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How does a 50-year-old woman, who has never been married herself, become so successful in the matchmaking business that clients pay ,000 to ,000 for her services?