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Step three: TAP Class: Eligibility Requirements: Less than 1 year remaining in Active Duty. ONE COPY of your VMET: You can log in on the right side with your My Pay information.

(Technically it is supposed to be done before you’re 90 days out, however they realized that some commands are run by idiots and will accept you regardless.)Required Supplies: TWO COPIES of DD Form 2648: The form must be filled out entirely (For pages 2-4, you can pretty much go down the line checking “yes” for everything.), you must sign and date Block 28A and 28B, and you must have your career planner sign Block 27 (DO NOT let him sign Block 28C and 28D.)ONE COPY of your S. PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: : Across the top of the page click “Request Document”, then click anywhere on the actual document itself (this is important), then go to File, Print Preview, and make sure the second box from the right says “Only the frame selected”.

(This is a good time to bring up any little ache or pain that you may want documented for VA benefits) The doc will also give you a packet of paper for you to fill out that asks more detailed questions about your health.

Note: This packet will also inform you that you will need to have an up to date Dental exam, Hearing conservation exam (audiogram), and Optometry exam (ONLY if you wear glasses). You will need to bring the paperwork packet with you to these appointments so that they can sign off that you’re healthy enough to EAS.

Once you’re done, look through the packet and find the “Memorandum For The Record” and ensure that both the “Medical Officer” and “Dental Officer” lines have been signed.

Ensure that you keep the “Memorandum For The Record” in a safe place, you will need to take it to IPAC when you EAS or go on Terminal Leave. T.: Click “Transcripts” across the top, then “Transcript” down the left side, right-click the document that shows up in the frame, and open it in a new window, this will give you a transcript that you can print. DO NOT request an Official Transcript; that’s the one you would send to a college.

This is your chance to SELF-REPORT any contact with hazardous materials (i.e.

CLP, CS gas, OC spray if you’ve been pepper sprayed, mold, fumes and smoke from an Afghanistan burn pit, etc.).

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If anyone reading this could confirm or deny this information I’d be very appreciative.]Now, when you walk in the door at 11 hours and 30 minutes of no food, drink, or tobacco, one of the docs is going to take you into his office and ask some basic questions about your health while they go through and look at your medical record.

The first thing you’re going to want to know is that they’re going to need to do a blood draw, and a urine sample.

For this blood draw they need you to have not eaten or drank anything (except water) for the past 12 hours. Note: The docs at my BAS informed me that they have a lot of marines who come in having not eaten for almost 18 hours, and they pass out during the blood draw just from not having eaten for so long and then having a portion of their blood removed.

Step one: Medical: For most of us on this site, our enlistments have been spent getting injured in some way shape or form, and then getting a couple of Motrin from the corpsman and going back to training because going to the BAS is eternally frowned upon. Go to Medical, and get any little ache or pain you may feel documented, this will assist you in applying for VA Disability benefits.

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It is not required to document a condition for you to claim it for VA benefits, but it is recommended.

You DO NOT need a corpsman to fill out the Medical Surveillance Questionnaire, you can do it all by yourself.

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