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In Perl 5 you don't need or can declare the signature of a function.

That is, you cannot declare the list of expected parameters.

Their code - regardless of their location in the file - only gets executed when they are "called" using their name. In each case, well except of the last one, we called the In this example we called the prompt() function twice.

In each case we passed a string that is the text of the question we are asking. The response collected by the sub and returned to the caller.

We'll discuss the pros and cons of each type of data file and give you some example code for manipulating them.

The most common format used for flat-file databases is probably the (CSV) file, in which fields are separated from one another by commas.

The second combines the read-line operator and into a single function call.

It will wait for some input, and upon pressing ENTER it will return the string you typed in without the trailing newline.

Don't forget to do the reverse translation when you fetch the records back. That is, each piece of data fits into an exactly sized space in the data file.

For example, let's say you'd like to prompt the user and ask a question: examples/simple_use strict; use warnings; ask_question(); my $answer = get_answer(); # some code ask_question(); my $second_answer = get_answer(); ########## sub declarations come here sub ask_question sub get_answer sub terminate function twice.

In the second part of the code, after the #####, we have the declaration of three subroutines. It only prints a hard coded string to he screen, and then returns nothing.

Using fixed-width fields is similar to the way in which data is organized in more powerful database systems such as an RDBMS.

The pre-allocation of space for record data allows the storage manager to make assumptions about the layout of the data on disk and to optimize accordingly.

The third one is again very simple, but it is never called in the code and thus it is never executed.

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