Personal ads for dating

05-Jul-2017 02:28

"Short self-descriptions aren't only the preserve of Internet daters, they are also the essence of things like Facebook and other social networking sites," said Cocks.

The difference between the personal ads of the previous centuries and today's is the age of those using Internet dating sites, according to statistics.

As Fiore (2004: 13) describes, they “have shed their stigma as matchmakers for the awkward to claim a prominent role in the social lives of millions of people”, and “the base of users spans generations, breaking the 20- or 30-something age ceiling common in many online social environments”.

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The vocabulary and semantics of the online dating ads have not yet been investigated, although a number of studies in psychology and evolutionary anthropology have identified important personal trait categories, such as age, physical attractiveness, resources (current or future earning potential), and commitment to the relationship (Bereczkei & Csanaky 1996; Bereczkei et al."In Britain, the personal column was suspected (much like the Internet is now) of harboring all sorts of scams, perversities and dangerous individuals.At least that is what the police tended to think, and they only stopped prosecuting lonely hearts ads in the late 1960s — until then they often thought that they were mainly placed by prostitutes and gay men," Cocks said.In between, the social acceptance of personals has waxed and waned with the times.

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