Personality dating my foil

03-Aug-2017 10:07

At almost 5,000 words long (actually longer if you count the related articles that are linked for some steps), this is truly your one-stop guide to finding love. They have worked for me and they will help you attract to the love you deserve. 🙂 Many people today seek a relationship out of fear.

Reasons like not wanting to feel lonely, not wanting to be alone, not wanting to be left on the shelf, conforming to society’s expectations, appeasing parents’ concerns, wanting to be loved, wanting to feel “complete”, wanting to have a partner to “show off” to friends, and not wanting to be the only single left among coupled friends are fear-based motivations for a relationship.

Lose weight, look good, be kind, excel in your career, and strive for personal achievements, but do them for yourself, not others. Your true love can’t fall in love with the real you if you’re hiding behind a front!

By wearing your real personality with pride, you filter away bad matches and attract people who resonate with the real you.

I promptly released him and with that, my fear that I would never be attached.

It was only when we reacquainted that our “search” ended.Approach relationships with love- not fear-based intentions.Many of us are guilty of restraining, changing ourselves to appeal to the other gender.I just wasn’t seeing them before because I was trying to force fit myself around me rather than getting out there to meet new guys.

When you have to alter or restrain yourself to get someone to like you, chances are the person was never compatible with your true self.

🙂 It took much longer than I expected because there was just so much I had to say and I wanted to make sure I was writing it in the best way possible for all of you! While he had met and been with girls of all looks and characters, none of the relationships fulfilled him (which was why they would always end at some point).

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