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05-Jul-2017 13:21

What kind of person was your hero before he got superpowers?

What sort of job/educational background does he have? What is it about his background that will appeal to them?

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If a friend noticed anyway, how might he try to explain them away? Go to a coffee shop and sit down, order the most difficult drink to make and keep changing your mind about it, then don't pay for anything and when she looks at you just say, 'ah never mind', then start muttering and swearing to yourself barely audible, but definitely call her a 'slut' or 'bitch'. Leave and come back and bring her flowers, real nice ones, then give her someone else number when she asks for it. Hopefully it will be garbage day, but if it isn't find one of those huge dumpsters and spread trash all over the street. Drive fast, mean, and flip off as many people as you can on your way to work.Make as many people start off with bad days, especially to women. Why should prospective readers care about your hero? Will he sound any different from the other characters in the story?

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