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From their inception, Kapp & Peterson's goal was to make a good smoking pipe that the ordinary, common working man could afford and we believe they have, very admirably, lived up to this.The vagaries of Peterson's processes do not allow for an accurate dating guide so this guide is a 'rule-of-thumb' guide only.During the years of Kapp and Peterson's business operations, the country of Ireland has undergone several name changes and K&P's stamping on their pipes reflects these changes. The Republic of Ireland was formed on 17 April 1949.Knowing these changes, a Peterson pipe can be roughly dated and placed in "eras." 1. Later they stamped their pipes with "Made in Ireland" in a circle format (1945? ) and still later with "Made in Ireland" in a block format (1947? The "Made in Ireland" block format came in either one line or two lines. From 1949 to present the stamp for this era is "Made in the Republic of Ireland" in a block format generally in three lines but two lines have been used with or without Republic being abbreviated. English made Peterson pipes actually spans between the pre-Republic and Republic eras.Peterson was never very energetic in removing their old stamps from the work stations so the older stamps can and did cross-over into the newer Era/s.The explanation for the question marks in the 1940s dates is, during the Second World War briar was hard to come by for obvious reasons, so no one can say for sure what years Peterson produced briar pipes and how many briar pipes were produced in those years. Like going dancing, concerts, casinos and sporting events. A Puerto Rican woman (Boriqua) looking to visit Taipei in 2019.

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So for the purpose of this dating guide, we will study Irish history, relevant to our pipe dating needs, from 1870s until now. My goal here is to just have fun I am seeking someone with the same goals just to have fun! My life is like a beautiful music, but I don`t want to play it alone, I want to find a man.. A very motivated man that just moved here to Dallas about a month-and-a-half ago working at the Marriott hotels downtown. I have a lot of woman every and I want my man feel it, and know that he made the best choice.Peterson pipes made during the majority of this period had no "Country of Manufacture" (COM) stamped on them. The stamps Peterson used in London and that we have seen are; Though there are a couple of more, the above will give one the general idea.

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However, later in this period, say around 1915/16, Peterson began stamping their pipes "Made in Ireland" in a block format. The Irish Free State was formed on 15 January 1922. We believe the earliest stamp of this era was the "Made in England" in a block format since Peterson was using the "Made in Ireland" block format at about the same time on their Irish production pipes.

For example; Peterson did not take up the old Country of Manufacture stamps as new ones were issued so depending on which one the various workers happen to pick up, the stamps can and do cross over the boundaries of the various Eras.

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