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24-May-2017 20:12

But if your child seems to be in a low mood for more than two weeks, or it gets in the way of things he normally enjoys, you might start to worry about your child’s mental health.

Warning signs include: If you’re concerned, start by talking with your child.

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Friendships also help teenagers learn important social and emotional skills, such as being sensitive to other people’s thoughts, feelings and wellbeing.But peer influence is a better way to describe how teenagers’ behaviour is shaped by wanting to feel they belong to a group of friends or peers. For example, your child might be influenced to become more assertive, try new activities, or to get more involved with school. Some teenagers might choose to try things they normally wouldn’t be interested in, such as smoking or taking part in antisocial behaviour.Peer influence might result in children: Coping well with peer influence is about getting the balance right between being yourself and fitting in with your group.Wanting to be more like your friends is a normal part of being a teenager.