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Everyone agreed that it’s consistent with my personality, and at the same time there is nothing to ask or rant about.Neither my friends nor I were perturbed by the fact that it was going to be a simple lie. When did it become normal to lie to each other at the very first meeting?Nologo is a band from [group]Thailand[/group] that mixes [tag]post-punk[/tag], [tag]electronic[/tag] and [tag]pop rock[/tag] .They are Dome Pakorn Lum (Vocals), Ying Chitranan (Guitar), Kasuhiro Hatano (Bass) and Chompooh (Keyboard). Dome used to date Ploy Chermarn Boonyasak * Dome 1996 * The Next (November 1997) * Dangerous Dome 1998 * Dome Reaction * Dome Question 1999 * Mission 4 Project (2000) * Dome Naked 2001 * Dome Expose 2001 * The X-Venture * How to be a Rock Star?According to them, girls in reality usually differ from their pictures so dramatically that guys feel insidiously cheated.The main complaint is, of course, about the figure. The genius ability of making a nice pose for photos was granted to many women by birth.Continuing to reflect on the theme of jobs, I realized that probably for both men and women regarding this issue, there are absolute showstoppers. According to a survey I conducted among girls, Tinder-correspondence is more likely to be stopped by a woman, when it suddenly turns out that the man is, for example–a photographer, a journalist, a fitness trainer, an actor or a model.

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I’m not sure if you can relate, but I personally have always worried about the fact that in the pictures I may look somewhat better than in real life. On my Tinder profile, I intentionally put a minor photo of myself without makeup and even a hint of a smile, so the men would know exactly who they were dealing with in advance.Well finally, the most, in my opinion, insidious lie that you can make on Tinder is to put the notorious phrase, “open-minded,” in your profile description.Because sadly each of us is still a victim of stereotypes and our own complexes, which has held our minds within insurmountable borders.Age is another popular reason to lie in the Tinder sphere.

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