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02-May-2017 09:32

He’s the co-chair of the Sustainable Futures Leadership Academy. That’s one of the wonderful paradoxes of life, really. I got into a whole lot of faculties but Dad thought because we’re first in family and didn’t have any money, that if I took a teacher’s college scholarship, that would give a lot. In those days it was actually quite a prestigious thing as opposed to now.In 2010 he undertook a stocktake of sustainability in Australian universities and a long list of other things. My career has been one of strategic serendipity where, if you’re not completely obnoxious, when someone says, “Can you think of anyone for some job that I never knew about,” they put your name up and you didn’t even know the job was there. My mother and dad were so paradoxically perplexed but proud that they came down to Manly Wharf when I caught the ferry out for my first day and waved me off like I was going overseas. My first day at university in ’63 was Germaine Greer. That gave ten quid a week as well as paying your fees whereas if I need medicine, I’d only get the fees paid. When I got quite a good result on what was then called the “Leaving Certificate”, I had a choice.He was in Dunedin to help Otago Polytechnic celebrate its 50th Anniversary by presenting a keynote at the Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce Symposium.Many of the resources Geoff refers to can be found on the Flip Curric website.He’s the leader of the UN-endorsed Regional Centre of Education for Sustainable Development.

He’s Pro Vice- Chancellor but also runs the Office of Sustainability there.

Met a whole lot of sustainability-oriented hippies.