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23-Mar-2017 16:30

Mugman has made a huge effort in keeping his brother away from the House of Luck and Fortune given that his gambling problem is what caused the whole ordeal with the Devil in the first place.

Both brothers were also startled when they came across the D'arby Brothers considering what they do , especially Daniel who resembles King Dice a lot.

Most notably they ended up befriending Mario and Luigi, who share a lot of similarities with them.

At least the little cups don't have to go around saving princesses.

Their personalities aren't that far off either, as Peacock and Cuphead share the same personality with being rash and hot-blooded, which makes Mugman feel like he has to be the Straight Man whenever these two hang around.

Peacock feels she can relate to what happened to the boys, although the whole soul collecting business reminds her a bit of the Medici and what they did to her, but she nonetheless is glad that they beat up that lousy Devil in the end.

His pacifistic ways reminded them about a turtle who taught them that violence could be avoided if they tried, and so the brothers have tried a more pacifistic approach to certain scenarios Plus they haven't really killed anyone, although they usually avoid talking about what happened with Goopy Le Grande and Wally Warbles.

Many have wondered how they would feel if someone drank from their heads.

However, the brothers were very familiar with all his tricks after their encounter with Djimmi the Great and beat the ever-loving crap out of Jafar, leaving the battered wizard to crawl away, swearing revenge.Of all the deities they have met, they never thought that the one who would relate the most to their story is none other than Johnny Blaze.After all, he was forced to work for Mephisto before he bailed out and went to do his own thing, so Johnny respects the boys for that.He has denied all claims, but his brother likes to tease him about that.

Youtube poop hyrule dating On Good Terms with The Runaway Debtors Grim Matchstick, Hilda Berg This is the tale of two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman from the Inkwell Isle, who one day wandered into the wrong side of town and ended up entering into the Devil's casino.… continue reading »

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The poop part was actually only one small point, but it was the reason I was dead scared to hit publish. I'm pretty sure it was also the reason that piece got more engagement from reader I'm pretty sure it was also the reason that piece got more engagement from reader… continue reading »

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