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Pratt suffered from diabetes, and his final years were plagued by illness.

It is the most active matter in the universe, producing all its operations according to fixed and definite laws enacted by itself, in conjunction with the Father and Son.Orson Pratt was the first to write and publish an account of Joseph Smith’s famous “first vision.” He also authored one of the earliest confessions of Mormon doctrine, which Smith later used in composing his own “Articles of Faith.” Pratt edited the , the latter consisting of meteorological and astronomical observations, fork wisdom, and theological essays—including one of the fist treatments of the Mormon belief that human beings could become gods.Perhaps Pratt’s most controversial speculation was that atoms, then thought to be indestructible and indivisible, were intelligent, self-conscious, sentient, self-propelled particles which bonded together to form colonies in the shape of plats, minerals, animals, and even gods, and which were tutored over time in the “great school of the universe.” Pratt’s thought was a unique blend of biblical literalism and speculative theology. P675 1990 CIP 230′.9332—dc20 ISBN: 0—941214—95—8 Contents Publisher’s Preface [see below] Foreword by David J. 09 – “The Holy Spirit” 10 – “Latter-day Kingdom, or the Preparation for the Second Advent” 11 – “A General Funeral Sermon of All Saints and Sinners; Also, of the Heavens and the Earth” 12 – “Celestial Marriage” 13 – “Celestial Marriage”—An Excerpt 14 – “The Pre-Existence of Man”—An Excerpt 15 – “Resurrection of the Saints” 16 – “The Equality and Oneness of the Saints” 17 – “The Holy Spirit and the Godhead” 18 – “Man is the Offspring of God—Truth is Eternal—The Doctrines of Christ—The Law of Gravitation—Free Agency” 19 – “Salvation Tangible—Personality of God—Character of God—Pre-existence of Man—Jesus Our Elder Brother—Transformation of the Earth—Creation and Organization—It’s Final Destiny, the Home of the Saints—Revelations by Joseph Smith in Harmony with Scripture” 20 – “The Great Principles of Salvation, Etc.What are called the laws of nature are more or less than the fixed method by which this spiritual matter operates.