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28-Jul-2017 22:11

I underwent major surgery and am in the process of healing my body and spirit, and correcting my thoughts.

A friend of mine is 29 years old and lamenting that he cannot find a woman.

Well, there seem to be plenty of men who have had their fill frm cunts in the GTA.

I would say that frustration is probably a global phenomenon in places which on the chopping to China thanks in Canada to Justine Trudope and his band of self promoting twats.

Female nudity is not sexual and it surely doesnt affect children.

If the teacher wants to express herself by taking off her clothes and baring it all at her workplace who are you to judge?

It's legal for women to go naked in public in Toronto and the rest of Ontario.

Take your sexist East Asian opinions and backwards culture and shove it up your pipe!

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dating of the vredefort dome

I can't help but assume most people here just accept a life of being in debt all the time.Why does gun violence in Toronto disproportionately affect black men and innocent women of racialized and indigenous status?Rarity do you see on the news about some feminist or feminist rat police informant being victim to gun violence in Toronto.Banal, dull, in denial, closed eyes, unrealistic, provincial, small-town, close-minded, dead = Toronto. USA is still the place to go, and you could be proud to be an American when you're there. Overall Toronto should have just respected and stayed their Cleveland nature and fix themselves before trying to go big. Add that with feminism and you get frustrated men like Alek Minassian who run over women using a rental van. I see many empowered whores in Toronto dressed more scantily than bar girls working in a Bangkok brothel. They think they are superior to men, and if a straight man ever tried to ask one on a date, they would summon the police.

Transit: 2.5 subway lines only, for its population and a system that began very well in the 1950s. Toronto, pass on it, and don't even bother visiting it. Lots of empowered whores in Toronto are naked around children at the local parks and swimming pools.