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11-Jun-2017 18:30

The anonymity of online dating has not only reduced rejection anxiety for men it’s also provided them with the brass balls to sexually harass women the way they’ve always wanted to in public. I had not realized how widespread the fuckboi epidemic had become until Aziz Ansari’s bookintroduced me to straightwhiteboystexting (Don’t blame me, I didn’t name it)on tumblr.

At first, I was taken in by their sheer audacity and total lack of shame.

OK, this woman does make herself sound like an uppity debutante, but my God, have you ever heard anyone so butt-hurt?

Perhaps his success rate would improve if he stopped calling women “chicks” and rating them on a scale of 1–10.

Pouvez-vous garder l’identité de ces femmes secrètes ? Vous pouvez regarder la liste des femmes dans vôtre quartier and visualiser leurs photos.

Et encore une fois, garder s’il vous plaît leur identité secrète !

According to a simplified interpretation of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule, fifteen years of internet dating more than qualifies me as an expert on the subject. And I had just claimed in a previous article that I was not an authority on anything. Don’t let the fact that I’m 45 and single make you wary of my credentials. Forget all that bullshit other dating experts say about creating the perfect profile and taking flattering yet tasteful photos, I’m here to tell you that finding true love on the internet is nothing more than a giant crap shoot with astoundingly improbable odds.

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Online dating was a lot more fun back when most people were under the impression that looking for love online was strictly for the desperately lonely, socially awkward, and tragically unattractive.And guys, you are probably missing out on some seriously good women by not stepping up to the plate with righteousness. Make your move, but keep your dick in your pants unless she specifically asks to see it. When I get a match, I have 24 hours to send the first message or the match disappears. It’s silly, but effective in that it instantly sets up a male/female interaction and they have to write back if they want to hear the punchline.