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12-Feb-2017 22:18

She did, however, confess that she had a fling with Jenner once but that was well before was even in existence. Their romance seemed to be the sweetest relationship ever and the stars were genuinely happy.

“They pretended that he and Jayde broke up, and I was dating Brody, and Jayde and I got into a huge fight because she saw us in a club. The show has now been off the air for over ten years, and the stars aren’t keeping the secrets any longer.

Colton’s couldn’t be more dramatic, Garrett always owning up to his mistakes, and Blake faces his darkest fears. @rocsidiaz, @viallnicholas28, and @people's @karawarner are breaking down the biggest stories of the day.

Colton’s couldn’t be more dramatic, Garrett always owning up to his mistakes, and Blake faces his darkest fears. Watch it here: live.twitter.com/chatter Don't miss tonight's #chatter!

Between …well any city, we can’t seem to get enough of peeking into the windows of other people’s lives. The problem however with watching reality TV is that sometimes it’s not like reality at all.

We love watching the lives of reality stars unfold because it’s actually a lot of fun, but producers of the show have been known to change things a bit to spice the show.

However, that was the first time his relationship status has been discussed as of late in the context of the show, and with that in mind he is also now speaking about it publicly for the first time.

In a new blog entry via Parade Magazine, Michael tries to defend himself first and foremost in his Parade Magazine blog by saying that while he should have been more upfront about his feelings for Rachel Truehart (who was visibly angry ad felt lied to at the reunion) while the show was taping, he was honest about it after it was over. This is without a doubt the happiest I have ever been in my life.

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She mentioned how there were fights on the show that were faked as well as relationships.

One of the things they like to make up and promote are relationships.

We invest ourselves into these people’s lives only to find out the relationships were fake all along.

Watching real life can be boring at times, after all, nobody has exciting moments in their life every minute of the day.

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So producers would make up wild stories to keep viewers hooked onto the show.

Reality shows can be addictive, especially when there are relationships involved.