Radiation application in radioactive dating

21-Jul-2017 05:28

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Both Japan and Malaysia have since backed an IAEA initiative to use NDT for the inspection of civil structures more widely following natural disasters.Gauges containing radioactive (usually gamma) sources are in wide use in all industries where levels of gases, liquids, and solids must be checked.Fixed gauges are typically used in production facilities – mines, mills, oil and gas platforms – as a means of controlling and monitoring quality from a production process.For example, in the North Sea, fixed nucleonic gauges are sometimes deployed to determine conditions within separator vessels and to monitor residual oil content within separated gas streams.For example, to inspect new oil or gas pipelines, special film is taped over the weld around the outside of the pipe.A machine called a 'pipe crawler' carries a shielded radioactive source down the inside of the pipe to the position of the weld.The technique allows critical components to be inspected for internal defects without damage.

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Radioactive materials are used to inspect metal parts and the integrity of welds across a range of industries.

Density gauges are used where automatic control of a liquid, powder, or solid is important, for example as in detergent manufacture.

Applications of Radiation. The radiation emitted by radioactive atoms is used for a number of purposes apart from dating objects. Radioactive atoms can be detected easily because of the radiation they emit.… continue reading »

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